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picoCTF 2022: Reverse Engineering: file-run-2

picoCTF 2022: Reverse Engineering: file-run-2

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Nouman Rahman
·Oct 16, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Solution
  • Conclusion


Challenge: file-run-2

Category: Reverse Engineering


A program has been provided to you, what happens if you try to run it on the command line? Download the program here.


We have been provided with a file called run. If you try to run the file like this:


It won't work as expected. You should first give yourself permission to execute this file.

chmod +x ./run

Now if you try to run this, it will ask you for an argument. So let's pass the given argument, "Hello!"

./run Hello!


This one is what I think is one of the easiest challenges after file-run-1 ever on the picoCTF 2022.

Flag: picoCTF{F1r57_4rgum3n7_96f2195f}

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